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A fun free download site of papercrafts has started.
Lots of fun contents! Memory games, origami and puzzles that children and seniors can enjoy.

A free download site with lots of fun content such as paper crafts that you can make and play, and games that train your brain, and more has started.


All content is in PDF and can be downloaded for free. In addition, you can easily create your own puzzles and your own memory games using family photos and self-drawn illustrations. (No membership registration required.)

Please make use of it for your stay home at Corona Sorrow and for seniors' programs.

Your Own Memory Game


(Mrs, K sent us her original memory game.)

"I made my original memory game, three daughters, six grandchildren, and my mother, "4 generations + dog and cat" on! "

It seems that she had a good time with her grandchildren while she couldn't go out because of Corona.

"Next, I'll add pictures of my grandparents and great-grandparents, and I'm thinking of creating a family tree memory game that also serves as an explanation to my grandchildren."

Memory Game

The famous educator said, "It's very good for brain stimulation and development." has a wealth of content such as cute illustrations animals, and World Heritage Sites so that everyone from small children to seniors can enjoy it.

I think that it can be used in various situations such as nursery schools, school children's clubs, seniors group and care houses where seniors gather, as well as homes with corona.

Making an original will also help them remember the faces of their friends and staff as if they were playing a game.

Let's enjoy learning ABC with YouTube phonics!

For ABC memory game, we have prepared "ABC Phonics" and "ABC Song" on YouTube that you can sing and remember with the same illustration.

Perfect for children who are learning ABC for the first time.

You can play fairy tale paper craft while watching YouTube.

You can play "Finger Puppets" and "Climbing Jack" with YouTube Story Video.

YouTube Story Video
6 Sided Puzzle

"6 sided puzzle" is popular with children. You can easily create an original 6 sided puzzle using photos and illustration images in addition to cute content.

"Playable Paper Craft" "Moving Origami"

Paper crafts and origami that can be moved and played.

Communication after making it will also be enriched.

Mini Book, Coloring Book

The content is also abundant.

Mini books and coloring books make a little time for small children fun.

Site owner

Kiri Amo

I have been working on children's intellectual education for a long time.

Among them, the opportunities for "craft workshops" for children have increased, and the number of original paper crafts has increased considerably.

I started this site because I wanted many people to use these original paper crafts.

PCs and smartphones have become widespread, and the chances of using scissors and glue have decreased, but using hands is very meaningful.

It's fun to play with what you make!




Kiri Amo


TEL : +813-5304-5020

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